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Interesting Cupcake Flavors

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There’s no doubt that cupcake fever has swept through the nation, and while we might be coming to the end of the mighty cupcake’s reign, we still think there’s reason enough to blog about this sweet treat. If you’re making a bunch of cupcakes for an upcoming event, or if you just enjoy baking for fun, we have some flavor ideas for you.

Because you’re an adult, you’re allowed to put whisky in your frosting. It doesn’t matter what kind of cupcake you’re icing, throw on some grown-up frosting (found here, at Yummly). While we’re talking about all things frosting, you should try Dulce De Leche atop your favorite cupcake (you’re welcome).

If you think that cupcake batter needs to be boring, think again. Red velvet, chocolate, French vanilla, butterscotch, rainbow and funfetti are just a few examples of ways to make the cake as delicious as the frosting. Also, cupcakes with filled centers will ignite a party in your mouth like no other. Since parties are our thing, we’ve attached our dessert menu here too.

Whatever the occasion, cupcakes will bring an element of whimsical fun to the table. Whether they’re understated, or completely over the top – try serving cupcakes without a smile on your face. We bet you can’t.


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