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Greener Kitchens at Home

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Your kitchen provides all kinds of opportunities for harsh chemicals and waste, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have some ideas to keep your kitchen running sustainably – saving you money and improving your health in the meantime.

  • Green Cleaning Products
    It’s easy to not really care about what kinds of cleaning products you’re using, especially if they get the job done. By using more natural supplies, you’re improving your air quality by reducing the harsh chemical toxins in the air. In addition, you’re preventing dangerous chemicals from entering our waterways. Also, safer if you have pets and young children around the house!
  • Limiting Paper Towel Use
    Could this problem be solved by a reusable towel? Sometimes we need paper towel, other times, we could probably do without it.
  • Glass Food Storage Containers
    Avoid BPA or chemical leaching by storing leftovers in glass containers. Salads (or small meals) can also be taken on-the-go in glass containers, eliminating the waste associated with takeout, or plastic disposable containers and bags.
  • Rotate Produce in Fridge
    Remember: First in, first out! Avoid the “surprise” of finding a moldy science experiment in the back of your fridge, and eat what you buy. Take note of what you have, before you buy more produce.  

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Green Lunchboxes

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If you pack lunch everyday, it might be time to invest in a few quality items that will easily pay for themselves before too long. Instead of the endless need for ziplock bags, paper bags, saran wrap and foil – we have a few lunchbox hacks just for you. These are excellent for school lunches, but they aren’t just for kids!

First, get yourself a freezable lunch bag like this. When your food is either hot or cold, you’re much more likely to eat it. Use small containers like these ridiculously good value containers from Ikea . Now you have all kinds of reusable containers that will eliminate your need to go through so many disposable bags.

For hot lunches like soups, rice dishes and noodles, you can’t go past a good old Thermos food jar . These things are sanity-savers when you can’t bear to eat another sandwich or salad.

If you regularly buy your coffee in a paper cup, think again. By making your morning brew in a travel mug, you can bring it with you to Starbucks for coffee two (…or three) later in the day. Bringing your own mug saves both a paper cup, and gives you a discount on your coffee price. Try the Contigo Autoseal or Stanley SS Adventure Pack Mug  for durable, well sealed, backpack-approved mugs. Just throw your coffee in your bag and go!

By making these small investments, you’re making a huge impact in the consumerism problems that we face in the USA. It’s so worth it.

What to do with a Pumpkin

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When you’ve carved the perfect Jack O’Lantern and all is said and done, take a moment before you throw the rest of your pumpkin in the compost bin. You can use those bits and pieces of pumpkin, and we’re going to tell you how!

Grab those seeds and separate them from the stringy parts of the pumpkin. Rinse them off, coat them in olive oil and roast them for 10 minutes at 325 degrees. Now you have yourself a delicious little snack full of protein, zinc and omega 3’s. Try these with some pumpkin pie spice, for an extra tasty bite.

While you’re there, roasting the extra pieces of pumpkin flesh and whizzing it them up in the blender will give you the kind of pumpkin you’re used to buying in a can at the store. Since we all know homemade food tastes best, you can use this puree to create comforting fall treats like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and the ever-popular pumpkin spice latte.

This Halloween go green! See if you can make a meal from the offcuts of your Jack O’Lantern – we challenge you.