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Fall Food and Wine Pairings

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While the fall season may have you wanting to snuggle up with a pumpkin spice latte, there are still opportunities to pair a good wine with your meal… or dessert. Find out which wines do best with certain fall favorites:


  • Pumpkin Pie
    The Wine Enthusiast offers an extensive list of wines that would pair well with this tasty dessert – click here to find out their suggestions. Predictably, sweet wines are highly recommended!
  • Roasted Pears
    Why not eat your pears with cheese, then pair the two with some Sauvignon Blanc? Crisp and sweet, this wine will complement your pears best with goat’s cheese. Delish!
  • Wild Game
    Wide Open Spaces teach us how to pair game with wine in this article here. Like the article says – why go to all the trouble of hunting game, and then not go the extra mile and pair it well with wine?

Here at Catering Central, we love pairing wine with food to help bring out flavor and enhance your dining experience. We’d be happy to hear about the vision you have for your party, and work with you to make it happen. We do Private Party catering in the San Francisco Bay Area, Corporate Catering in Silicon Valley, and events all the way from Mountain View to San Francisco. If you’re looking for catering when it comes to parties, events and gatherings – call us today on (650) 961-3300.

Holiday Parties with Catering Central

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This December, Catering Central invites you to check out our brand new holiday menu! Our salads, entrees, desserts, and beverages are all ready to be rolled out for your event. This season’s salads celebrate fresh, clean flavors, combined with sweet and hearty elements. Quinoa, cranberries, and apple slices all feature – making sure our meal starts with a bang.

These holiday entrees are brimming with flavor, and a wide range of protein options. Try the oven roasted turkey, pan seared Angus beef, tri-tip, roasted or breaded chicken. In addition to the meats, your personalized menu has a vegetarian option including ravioli, rotini pasta, or eggplant rolls. Pair these entrees with tasty sides like wild rice, yukon mash, roasted squash, and green beans. No meal is complete without dessert, and our cakes, cookies, and bars won’t leave you wanting.

Your holiday season is likely full of parties – some of which you may be hosting. The beauty of hiring a catering company like ours is that you can enjoy the party with your guests, without so much as lifting a finger. If you’re seeking corporate catering in Mountain View (94043), general catering services in Palo Alto (94306), or any kind of private event Catering in the San Francisco Bay Area, call us today on (650) 961-3300.



Hawaiian Heavy Appetizer Menu

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If you can’t take a getaway vacation to Hawaii, why not let us bring Hawaii to you? While we can’t provide the sun and sand, we can set your event up with some ridiculously delicious food. More of a “heavy appetizer” menu, rather than a solid meal, our Hawaiian menu showcases island food at its best.

Starting with pineapple pico de gallo and chips, we’ll take your taste buds on a journey with an irresistibly sweet/salty combination of pineapple wrapped in bacon. A simple salad serves as a perfectly balanced side to your choice of succulent pulled pork, or sweet and spicy teriyaki skewers (chicken or beef). With the addition of island fried rice, and grilled summer vegetables, your Hawaiian meal is complete!

Interested in trying this menu for your next event? At Catering Central, we highly value food as a means of connection with others, and aim to give all of our clients a positive and satisfying experience with our services. If you’re looking for corporate catering in the San Francisco Bay (94111), private party catering in Sunnyvale (94086), or general catering in Mountain View (94040) – call us today on (650) 961-3300!


Meal Plans vs. Ala Carte

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When you are looking to cater an upcoming event, consider the difference between meal plans and ala carte menus. At Catering Central, we are all about building quality meal plans that provide a structured theme to your event, rather than simply providing food. We believe that food can transcend simple nourishment, and become a vehicle for making memories.

Ala carte menus can definitely provide interesting bits and pieces for guests to nibble, but there are some major drawbacks for both the client and caterer. These kinds of menus create chaos and frustration in the caterer’s employees, as there is no flow. In addition, the foods are chosen based on taste preferences alone, rather than seasonality.

As we have said many times before, a themed meal is a delight for everyone involved. When the food has a theme, the event feels cohesive, and catering staff have a tighter grasp on what it is they’re serving their customer. Combined with the knowledge that we are providing the freshest food possible, a themed meal is hand designed to the nth degree – so you can focus on enjoying the occasion.

If you need catering for an upcoming party, corporate event or special occasion, we would love to work with you to make it happen. We do Private Party catering in the San Francisco Bay Area, Corporate Catering in Silicon Valley (94404), and events all the way from Mountain View to San Francisco. If you’re looking for catering when it comes to parties, events and gatherings – call us today on (650) 961-3300.

Outstanding Appetizers

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Appetizers give guests their first impression of your party – and we all know you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This year, a number of trends have emerged in the way of first courses, so here are a few for you to snack on.

  1. Poke/Ceviche
    Fresh, raw fish is back on the menu – this time not inside a sushi roll! Poke is an Hawaiian raw fish salad, and Ceviche is Latin American fresh fish cured in citrus juices.

  1. Jerky
    Gourmet jerky exists, and it’s definitely not your gas-station-brand road trip chew. Served by itself, or in recipes like this one here, jerky can certainly spice up your next event.

  1. Charcuterie
    Make way for a wooden board served with preserved meats, bread, nuts, cheese and more. A charcuterie can come in many ways, shapes and forms – all with meat as the vital ingredient.

  1. House-made Dips
    Whether you’re dipping pretzels, chips or crackers, making your own dips will transform a simple platter into a taste sensation. Be creative with salsa, hummus, sweet dips and international fusions.

  1. Baked Brie
    There is a huge variety of ways to bake a wheel of brie, ranging from pastry-wrapped to covered in sweet fruit preserves. Serve with apple slices, crusty bread or crackers.

To find out what kind of appetizers we serve at Catering Central, take a look at the menus on our website – or call us today on (650) 961-3300. We cater parties in Santa Clara (95050) and provide all kinds of Private Event Catering in the San Francisco Bay Area.