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Catering a Multicultural Event

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When faced with the challenge of catering for a multicultural event, you may wonder what to feed the crowd. Consider your guest list: where are they from and what are they accustomed to? If you are catering for a group with different tastes, you have the opportunity to feed people familiar dishes while also offering something new to try.

Just because you are providing two or more different styles of cuisine, don’t feel the pressure to find some kind of segue between the food choices. They might be really random, and there isn’t a lot you can do about that! To avoid awkwardly assuming that a group of people from one culture only like a certain type of food, set all the food on a table using a buffet style. That way, people can take what they like.

Alternatively, you could be creative with fusion cuisine. For example, Asian and Latino foods lend themselves to some delicious fusion recipes. Get creative with tacos – particularly by using traditional Asian sauces to flavor your meat. You could also make sushi inspired rolls, with chicken or beef instead of fish. Indian pizza is another great example of fusion cuisine, using spices like garam masala to make a tasty difference to your regular slice.

Remember, everyday food for one person is a new adventure for another.

The Food Connection

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Lets be honest – food really sets the scene for a party. Whether you plate it, serve it on a platter or host a buffet, your guests will remember what they ate. At the most basic level, we eat to nourish our bodies – but we eat together to nourish our whole lives.

Food is the cornerstone of most holidays. What would Thanksgiving be without the turkey who gave his life for our dinner? Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Passover, Easter, Valentine’s Day – they all revolve around food! Like a fish needs water, birthdays and weddings absolutely need a cake. We celebrate with food!

The meal you serve, and the way you serve it, truly matters. It’s not about serving the fanciest feast, but instead, mindfully presenting the food you have in a way that matches the event and proves that you care about your guests. For inspiration, check out few of our most recent blog posts which have been devoted to taking your hospitality skills to the next level.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed because your guest list is as long as your arm, consider hiring Catering Central for your next party, so we can help make it a success! We can’t promise that your friends and family will behave, but we can confidently say our food is delicious. And that’s all that really matters, right?