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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you might remember that we featured some fish recipes for Lent last year (find them here In keeping with tradition, we have some different recipes for you! No matter what your beliefs may be, if you’re a fish-eater, you’ll get a kick out of these recipes.

  1. Top your grilled fish with a salsa of your choosing. Try peach salsa if you’re looking for sweetness – or something with fire if you’re looking for heat!

  2. Slice your grilled fish and put it in a salad with some quinoa and pecans.

  3. Who doesn’t love chowder? Add some fish and sweet corn to this creamy dish.

  4. Salmon cakes are ultimate comfort food – add a side of tzatziki and greek salad.

  5. Make a sandwich! Bread it and serve it just like fast food – but healthy!

  6. Tuna salad on crackers – if you’re steering clear of carbs, try it atop cucumber coins.

  7. Glaze it! Bourbon glaze, honey soy, honey mustard – just get glazing.

  8. Add it to skewers with grilled veggies.

  9. Don’t bread it, nut it. “Bread” with almond flour and cut the carb content.

  10. Make a Thai-style coconut fish curry, and serve on a bed of Jasmine rice.

Get creative with your fish meals, and enjoy the benefits of Omega 3-filled brain food.