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Limiting Food Waste

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In the USA alone, 30-40% of the food meant for consumption is actually wasted. In an effort to help you think twice about the excess food that you throw away, this week we will be featuring ways to cut down on America’s food wastage problem.

  1. Shop Smarter

Shopping lists aren’t just a budgeting tool! When you shop to a meal plan, you are greatly limiting the possibility for food waste. Say goodbye to that random eggplant wilting on the counter, and dying bunch of cilantro in the fridge. Have a plan, and know how to use your food.

  1. Eat Leftovers

The freezer can be your new best friend! If you cook too much food, either plan to eat it within the next two days – or stick it in the freezer. Frozen meals can last for months, and double as a super convenient “fast food” for those nights when you can’t be bothered to cook.

  1. Portion Control

Serve yourself less, then add more if you’re still hungry. Piling up your plate with too much food is not only an unhealthy habit, but it leads to unnecessary food waste.

  1. Be Aware of Expiry Dates

First in, first out. Take inventory of your food stockpile after every trip to the grocery store. Put the new food to the back of the refrigerator, and older food to the front. If you accidentally bought too many of one thing, look at their expiry dates and use accordingly.

  1. Creative Cooking

Once a week, use up all your ingredients. The meal you produce might be kind of random, but you also might invent something delicious!

Together, we can fight the battle against wasted food.