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DIY Freezer Meals

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There’s no hiding the fact that supermarket freezer meals leave a lot to be desired. For a start, they rarely look like the picture on the box, and they’re also usually such tiny portions that they leave you feeling unsatisfied. With some glass or aluminum containers, you can pack your freezer with healthier, homemade freezer meals that you can heat and eat when you’re in a hurry. Here are some classic food ideas for your freezer stockpile:


  • Lasagne
    Make your own lasagne using regular beef, or lighten it up with turkey. Assemble the lasagne according to your favorite recipe, but don’t bake it just yet. For best results, thaw the lasagne on the day you’ll be eating it, and bake it fresh.
  • Enchiladas
    Just like the lasagne idea, make your favorite enchilada recipe up until the point of baking. Freeze in an ovenproof dish, covered with a lid or foil, and bake on the day. You’ll love the results, and be impressed with how much better it tastes compared to frozen enchiladas from the store.
  • Pizza
    Why suffer through thin, sparsely topped frozen pizzas that taste like cardboard? You can make your own from scratch, or hack a store bought frozen pizza by adding a whole host of extra ingredients. Make your pizza your way!

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