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Clean Versions of Takeout

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Sometimes it’s hard to kick a craving for takeout, especially for comfort food. What if you didn’t have to deny your cravings, but you could simply alter the ingredients to make your “takeout” healthier? We have some ideas for you, when it comes to the classics.

Make your own lean patties, use lower fat cheese, and stack some fresh veggies on your bun. For even better burgers, use good quality organic, grass-fed beef.


To serve with your burgers, or by themselves, bake yourself some fries from scratch. Cut potatoes to your desired thickness, spray or toss with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. For something extra, add some fresh rosemary.

General Tso

This recipe from Damn Delicious is a lighter take on the Chinese-American favorite. Who knew cornflakes could add something to a baked General Tso’s Chicken dish?


Redefined Mom gives us a delicious healthier burrito recipe, using chicken and all your favorite Mexican ingredients. Try it at home!


Lavash bread makes a perfect thin and crispy pizza crust, especially when you bake it for ten minutes before putting on the toppings. Stack the pizza with veggies, lean meats, and low fat cheese. You’ll meet your pizza need without the excess calories.

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Mongolian Beef Recipe

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In keeping with our recent theme of sharing the formula for our Asian-inspired dishes, today we are featuring our Mongolian Beef Recipe. Make sure you check out our prior posts on Kung Pao Chicken, and Chow Mein!

Mongolian Beef


  • Flank Steak or Other Beef that is tender (we prefer hanging tender beef steak)
  • Dark Soy Sauce and Regular Soy Sauce Mix – 10/90
  • Yellow Onions
  • Green Beans (Optional)
  • Green Onions
  • Sugar
  • Chinese Cooking Wine
  • Dry Chili de Arbol or Chinese Chili


  1. Mix the marinade, by combining light and dark soy sauces with the sugar.
  2. Thinly slice the beef, then marinate.
  3. Cut green beans and onions into two inch pieces.
  4. Using a flat top grill, fry chillies in canola oil, before adding beef and cooking to glaze.
  5. Pour on a little Chinese cooking wine to perfume the beef.
  6. Add onions and green beans.
  7. Finish with a drizzle of sesame oil, salt and pepper.

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Importance of Prep in the Kitchen

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Rome wasn’t built in a day; and neither was good food made in a minute. Quality meals are produced in the kitchens of people who care about what goes into their bodies. Since time that has gone into meal preparation is time well spent, we have five key tips for you to prepare your kitchen for greatness.

  1. Stock your pantry

Keep garlic and onion powder in your spice rack, to pack a flavor punch in any dish. Always have olive and coconut oils at the ready, in liquid and spray form. Parchment paper and foil are essential for preparing a wide variety of foods in the kitchen. Bouillon is a key ingredient to making tasty grains like rice and quinoa, as well as adding depth to sautéed greens, like Kale.

  1. Do your dishes

Have you ever started to prepare a meal and realized that everything you need is in the sink or dishwasher? You need all kinds of measuring cups, measuring spoons, bowls, spatulas, mixing spoons, and knives to be prepared in the kitchen. Be on top of the dishes situation, and cooking will become a whole lot more productive.

  1. Cut up produce in advance

Chop some carrots into sticks, dice that cantaloupe and slice bell peppers into strips. With a tiny little bit of water in a ziplock bag, pre-cut raw vegetables will last all week. This makes it easy to take healthy food to-go.

  1. Make a meal plan

Gone are the days of the family recipe book, but thankfully the internet is packed to the rafters with meal ideas. Decide what you’re going to eat for the week and write down what ingredients you’ll need.

  1. Shop to list

The best way to waste food and money is to buy random groceries. You won’t have ingredients for a meal when you want one, and you’ll have to keep going to the store. Strictly stick to the list.

A little preparation goes a long way in the kitchen! Prep now and reap the benefits later.