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Dinner for Two

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A romantic dinner for two doesn’t need to take place in a restaurant. With a little inspiration (and a little work) you can make a meal to remember – without even leaving your house. Whether you’re strapped for cash, taking care of a growing family, or simply seeking refuge from the stressful daily grind, we have ideas that will give you some food for thought.

Stepping up your table-setting game will change your dinner for the better. The ambient lighting of candles will not only calm your senses, but make your eyes sparkle in the flickering light. Take out your good china, use cloth napkins and decorate the table with fresh flowers.

When it comes to the meal, see what you can prepare in advance to reduce the amount of dishes at the end of the night. A light appetizer, like raw vegetables and a favorite dip, will get the party started while keeping your appetite intact. The main meal itself should be something that you both enjoy, and perhaps a meal that has some kind of sentimental meaning.

We can’t promise that the kids will stay in bed, or the food will turn out just right – but we can promise you that meals will always be a great way to pause and reconnect. See what you can do to make your next meal for two something special.