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Memorable Camping Meals

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Damper is Australian bread that is traditionally cooked on an open fire. Nothing beats a fresh loaf of damper, slathered with butter and jam – washed down with a hot cup of tea. Here’s a recipe for this understated treat.

S’mores Hack
Play around with the ingredient variables, like; Belgian butter waffle cookies in place of graham crackers, and nutella for chocolate.

Keep it chilled, cut it up. Amazing.

Try this Campfire Pizza!

Pancake party
Throw your ready made pancake mix in a gallon size ziplock bag, and simply cut the corner to make a handy pancake pourer.

Camping breakfasts will never be the same when you pack a cast iron skillet. Tater tots, eggs, bacon, vegetables – throw them in and enjoy.

Anything in foil
Wrap up some corn, a potato, a banana filled with choc chips and marshmallows… anything!

Burger bars
Give the humble campfire burger a facelift by packing all kinds of sauces, cheeses and salads. Set them out on a table and create your own dinner.

Cereal bars
Cereal is such an easy camping food. Try making some of these easy granola bars ahead of time.

Do you need a reason to love nachos? No. But you might need a recipe, so here’s one.