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Summertime Picnic Ideas

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There’s nothing more summery than a picnic on the beach, or in a sunny patch at Golden Gate Park (if the fog lets up for a minute). In order to have a stress-free outdoor meal experience, we’ve got some tips and tricks for keeping your picnic cool this summer.

  1. Blankets are a must. Nobody likes sand in their food, or wet pants from sitting on damp grass. If you’re short of a blanket, a fitted full size (or larger) sheet will do the trick if you’ve got four weights to anchor each side. Coolers and backpacks work wonders as weights, also creating a “wall” to keep sand out of the eating area.

  2. Keep everything cool! The best part about a good summer picnic is the feeling of cracking open an icy cold drink when the mercury is rising. Also, chilled food poses less of a risk for salmonella.

  3. Share the load! Have each couple/family/individual bring something specific and eat family-style. That way you’ll have all the benefits of a feast with none of the effort.

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