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How to Make a Weekly Meal Plan

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  1. Figure out how much money is in your food budget
    The first step in taking charge of your nutrition, is figuring out how much finance you can put into your meal plan. Contrary to popular opinion, you can eat healthily on a lower budget. It just takes preparation.

  2. Spend some time finding recipes
    Are you looking to cut carbs, reduce meat consumption, raise protein intake or go gluten free? Carefully sculpt your preferences ahead of time with the help of the internet.

  3. Decide which meals will be the same during the week, and which will be different
    For example, choose one breakfast for the week and stick with it. Eggs, rye toast, coffee and an apple daily will pack a protein, light carb, energy and high fiber punch.

  4. Make a list
    Write down everything your recipe calls for, then delete the items that are already in your pantry. Be thorough – you don’t want to be missing something vital part way through.

  5. Shop to the list
    Step away from the candy. It’s delicious, but it’s not on your list.

  6. Prep
    Bring your grocery haul inside and sort it all out. Before organizing the fridge, leave out what you will cook with immediately. Then sort the fridge into first-in-first-out, to avoid food wastage.

  7. Cook
    Cook what you can in advance. Make rice, chop veggies, mix up your soup – anything you can do to make food prep easier during the week. You will only have to do the major dishes once a week, too.

  8. Freeze
    Have a healthy tupperware collection, and freeze as many meals as you can. This eliminates the need to order dinner during the week due to lack of time.

  9. Reheat
    Even if you freeze your food in plastic, reheat in a metal pot, ceramic or glass. Keep plastic out of the microwave as much as possible, as it can leach chemicals into your food. On that note, food reheated in the microwave can lose some nutritional value, so use the stove when you can.

  10. Enjoy
    We can’t tell you how to live your life, but chances are, you will thoroughly enjoy your week of prepared food.