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Soft Pretzels are no doubt the new “it” food. Like cupcakes and bacon before them, be prepared to see pretzels starting to dominate the artisanal food scene. Why not, though? These tasty treats are delicious in their own right, not to mention a superior delivery vehicle for all kinds of flavorful sauces.

On a recent trip to Harpoon Brewery in Massachusetts, we noted that pretzels were the only snack available to munch on while beer tasting. On the sweet side, Harpoon offers cinnamon sugar pretzels with peanut butter maple icing. Salted pretzels come with various sauces, like; garlic butter, IPA cheese, Ale Mustard, Red Pepper Aioli, Bacon Ranch and Marinara Parmesan.

In San Francisco, more traditional German pretzels are available at Suppenkuche – boasting sesame and sunflower seeded knots with dijon mustard. In the Mission, Schmidt’s bake their pretzel rolls daily, and serve them with meals. Monk’s Kettle also makes a beer themed, plate sized pretzel.

Don’t forget that pretzel stands exist, too. In Golden Park, along Fisherman’s Wharf and Downtown, you’ll see the kinds of salty/sweet pretzels that will get you through a long afternoon. We look forward to seeing more pretzel ideas coming up over the next few months!