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Spring Table Decorations

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Spring is undoubtedly the brightest time of year – a time to celebrate colors and all things fresh! If you’re planning a party during the spring months, we have a few floral ideas for decorating your tables to suit the season.

  1. Daffodils
    A sure sign that spring has arrived! Daffodils can be purchased inexpensively at local grocery stores for the next few months, making them not only a great table decoration for parties, but a beautiful bouquet for your home.

  1. Tulips
    These spring-blooming perennials grow from bulbs, ready to enjoy in March and April. By themselves in a vase, or paired with floating candles, tulips make breathtaking table decorations.

  1. Citrus
    Believe it or not, you can decorate a table using lemons and limes. With a bit of creativity, these stunning citruses will brighten up any table. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration.

  1. Bunting
    Not strictly a table decoration, bunting are a series of small triangular flags, used to decorate for a festive event. Etsy has some cute examples.

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