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Packing Food for Road Trips

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Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you need to eat fast food! With a little preparation and packing, you can take delicious, nutritious food with you on the go. Since food tastes better when served hot or cold, you’ll need a few packaging resources to get the ball rolling. Firstly, you’ll never regret the purchase of a food thermos – keeping hot food hot for hours. Secondly, everybody knows a road trip is all about the cooler.

While you’re driving along the highway, instead of eating food from the gas station, munch on some pre-prepared healthy snacks. Throw some baby carrots, bell pepper strips, and baby cucumbers in a ziplock bag, and some dip in the cooler. You could also pack chips and salsa, or air popped popcorn for the drive.

Pre-made mini pizzas, freshly baked muffins, yogurt pretzels and trail mix are a few extra ideas catered especially towards your driver. Anything that can be eaten on-the-go will be helpful to the person at the wheel. Tea, coffee or smoothies in travel mugs will also keep your car full of happy campers.

If you’re planning some pit stops to eat home-packed food, why not prepare some salads for the cooler. Grain salads, like quinoa or barley, will help keep you fuller for longer. Leafy greens will be better if you pack the dressing separately and add it at the last minute. Some warm roasted chicken in a hot food thermos can be a perfect addition to your meal. Whatever you eat, we hope it satisfies your body – giving you energy for great adventures.