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Farm to Table

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The concept of Farm to Table (as the name suggests) refers to the process by which food is bought directly from local farms and soon after, finds itself on our table. By skipping the middle man, we have fresher produce that not only tastes better, but is also better for our bodies.

The first step to creating your own farm to table menu is to research where to find your local farmers’ market. The produce on sale at the markets is not necessarily grown organically, but there are usually plenty of organic stalls selling local fruit and vegetables – without the pesticides.

All food groups are represented at the Farmers’ Markets, so you can go with a shopping list or see what is seasonal and be inspired from there. As well as seasonal produce, local breads, fish, meat, pastries and desserts are staples for most markets in Northern California. Even the simplest food served farm to table will taste incredibly fresh and rustic.

Enjoy the simplicity of the food nature has prepared for us, and be amazed at how flavorful produce can be when taken directly from the farm, to our table.

Fresh Rustic Catering Options

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Rustic catering is a way to keep things classy, while getting back to the simple things in life. An increasing number of couples are opting for rustic styling for their weddings, showcasing a timeless handmade aesthetic. A huge advantage to rustic catering is that the food will be fresh, whole, flavorful and nutritious.

Setting the stage for your rustic food is an important step to giving your event a synergistic look. Repurposed wooden crates make a perfect old-timey table, and an interesting way to serve small desserts. Burlap tablecloths, chalk boards and handmade bunting will add another element of old world charm.

For the food itself, there’s no doubt that a rustic theme lends itself to gourmet fare. Crusty bread, grilled whole meat and vegetables – as well as drinks from Mason Jars – will bring your rustic world to life. Forget about incredibly modern food, and keep your food “whole” – meaning as unprocessed as possible.

If you’re looking for an event to be rustically catered, run a simple Google search for more ideas about how to style the event as beautifully as possible. Give Catering Central a call – we specialize in event planning and offer many menu options for rustic-style events.