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“No Takeout” Challenge!

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How many times a week do you order in food? By frequently eating takeout, you are not only spending more of your hard-earned cash, but you are also potentially compromising your health. Do you think you could spend a month without takeout? Granted, eating out is similar, but usually reserved for connecting with others. We have some tips for challenging you to “No-Takeout September.”

  • Plan
    Sit down and spend some time working out which nights you’re home for dinner, and decide in advance what you’re going to eat. If you regularly buy lunch, decide what kinds of lunches you like, and buy those foods at the grocery store. Weekend grocery shopping makes for a well-planned week.
  • Prepare Food in Bulk
    Eating leftovers is an easy way to avoid food waste, save money, and regularly eat home-cooked food. Why not make leftovers on purpose? With a few food storage containers, you can make a big batch of a few foods and keep them in the fridge or freezer.  
  • Have Quick Options
    Don’t reach for the microwave meal or boxed mac ‘n cheese just yet – think of some quick meals you can make without the processed junk. Wholewheat pasta and pesto takes less than ten minutes! Steaming a few veggies takes about five minutes. Think outside the box.  

You can enjoy all foods in moderation, as long as they’re part of a balanced diet. At Catering Central, we highly value food as a means of connection with others, and aim to give all of our clients a positive and satisfying experience with our services. If you’re looking for corporate catering in the San Francisco Bay (94111), private party catering in Sunnyvale (94086), or general catering in Mountain View (94040) – call us today on (650) 961-3300!