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Everyday Smoothies

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Starting your day with a smoothie is not only a healthy choice, but a proven way for your body to best absorb nutrients. By incorporating superfoods like blueberries and kale, you’re making yourself a nutrient-dense cocktail – and hopefully it tastes great. We have a few smoothie recipe ideas for you:

Green smoothie
Banana, frozen peach slices, a handful of spinach and orange juice.

Grasshopper smoothie
Frozen banana slices, peppermint essence, spinach, agave syrup, almond milk and choc chips.

Berry hemp protein smoothie
Milk (cow, almond or soy is fine), hemp protein powder, kale, a handful of fresh or frozen berries, sweetener to taste.

Pina Colada smoothie
Coconut milk, frozen pineapple chunks, banana.

Play around with the amounts in these recipes, making as much or as little of the smoothie to suit your lifestyle. Heck – you might even decide to start make smoothies every morning for your whole family.