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Seasonal Salads

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Since we explored the fresh local produce of Spring last week, this week we will be thinking about some ways to make your daily salad seasonal. By adding a few of these ingredients to your bowl or plate, you’ll be making the best of what Mother Nature provides at its most delicious time.


  • Peas
    Who doesn’t love the ‘pop’ of a fresh pea in their salad? Whether it’s sugar snap, english or snow peas, these fresh green orbs don’t only taste great, but also help protect you from stomach cancer, help prevent Alzheimer’s, and assist in weight management.

  • Baby Carrots
    You might think of these as a year-round snack, but boy do they taste better when they’re in season! Dip them in hummus, ranch, or spinach dip for an afternoon snack.

  • Edible Flowers
    You may never have eaten flowers before, but edible ones like nasturtiums aren’t only beautiful, but they pack a nutritional punch too. Forage for them where you know they’re safe (and double check they’re definitely nasturtiums) or find them at your local farmer’s market.

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