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New Trends in Catering

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Catering trends are as ever-changing as foods themselves, and we endeavor to keep you up to speed with what is going on in the culinary world. Today on the blog we will spotlight three recent trends in catering;

  1. Food Trucks
    These have a been around for a while, yet gained popularity a little while back with the introduction of SOMA Streat Food and Off the Grid. A perfect way to please a group of diverse friends, street food truck parks provide a myriad of options for the hard-to-please crowd. In addition, you can choose to eat a lot of small foods or one regular sized meal.

  1. Pre-Packaged DIY Meals
    Hello Fresh, Destination Dinners and Gobble are just a few dinner kit companies that provide boxes of fresh ingredients for customers to make their own meals. A hybrid between take out and home-cooked, dinner kits might just be the best new dinner solution for the time-crunched.

  1. Full Service Dining
    The pendulum is swinging from streamlined, fast restaurants to full service, wide variety, table service experiences. Real plates, real silverware and full dining adventures are where it’s at.

If you have any questions about up and coming catering trends, and how we can help, call us today on (650) 961-3300.

Company Luncheon Trends

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If you’re planning an upcoming company luncheon, stay alert for the types of foods trending for these kinds of events. When you’re feeding a large crowd, being aware of the kinds of foods that will suit their tastes and dietary needs will save you the hassle of wasting money on food that won’t be eaten.

This year, companies seem to be falling into three distinct groups;

  • Proteins and sides only
    The low carb trend is at an all time high! With many people eager to trim their waistline, providing your crew with food that lends itself to fitting with the Paleo or Atkins way of eating, could be a total crowd pleaser. Meat and vegetables all the way.
  • Healthy balanced meals
    Tried and true meals of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates seem to please the masses. These meals are more mainstream, involving hearty food and usually a salad side.
  • Trying something new
    Interested in a burger bar? What about serving appetizers instead of a meal? Have you thought about a regional theme for your food? Stretch your imagination and pitch us your ideas.

Which one will your company choose? Whatever your choice, call us today on (650) 961-3300 so we can provide you with catering solutions.