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What to do with a Pumpkin

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When you’ve carved the perfect Jack O’Lantern and all is said and done, take a moment before you throw the rest of your pumpkin in the compost bin. You can use those bits and pieces of pumpkin, and we’re going to tell you how!

Grab those seeds and separate them from the stringy parts of the pumpkin. Rinse them off, coat them in olive oil and roast them for 10 minutes at 325 degrees. Now you have yourself a delicious little snack full of protein, zinc and omega 3’s. Try these with some pumpkin pie spice, for an extra tasty bite.

While you’re there, roasting the extra pieces of pumpkin flesh and whizzing it them up in the blender will give you the kind of pumpkin you’re used to buying in a can at the store. Since we all know homemade food tastes best, you can use this puree to create comforting fall treats like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and the ever-popular pumpkin spice latte.

This Halloween go green! See if you can make a meal from the offcuts of your Jack O’Lantern – we challenge you.