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5 Vegetarian Dinners

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Vegetarian food is often shunned by meat-eaters as lacking in taste and substance. While some vegetarian meals leave a lot to be desired, other meatless meals are deliciously hearty and fit for any hungry omnivore. Here are five such recipes, that will keep you sustained and coming back for more:

  1. Roast Butternut Squash, Spinach, and Barley Risotto from Delicious Everyday
    Nothing fills you up quite like a comforting risotto! While quite carb-heavy, barley boasts several health benefits including high levels of manganese, selenium, copper, magnesium, and even 7g of protein per serving!

  2. Most Things from The Vegan Stoner Blog
    Taking vegetarianism one step further to veganism, this blog is a collection of a whole host of healthful, adorably illustrated, hearty recipes. Try the lentil loaf and zucchini bean balls!

  3. Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata from Real Simple
    This is a quick weekend brunch item that will impress your guests, or charm your regular household. You can serve it with bacon on the side if you’re having trouble with a meatless meal!

  4. Grillable Veggie Burger by the Minimalist Baker
    Anyone who has ever made a veggie burger or two knows that one of the biggest obstacles to burger-greatness is making sure they don’t fall apart! This one promises to be grillable, so why not give it a shot.

  5. 10 Minute Black Bean Tacos from the Kitchn
    If you’re looking for some easy Mexican meals to whip up at home, don’t let black bean tacos fall by the wayside. Packed with fiber, black beans and corn make a complete protein that will keep you going all day.

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Weddings: Buffet? Plated? Family Style?

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To plate, or not to plate: that is the question.

We all want a wedding reception meal to be memorable for the right reasons, so there is a lot of weight placed on this decision. Is your wedding a Black Tie event? Very formal occasions are best matched with plated cuisine. Is it super casual? Go for a buffet! These seem to be well-worn rules for events. Done deal, right?

Since rules were made to be broken, let’s think about a few considerations that come into play when going into crazy rule-breaker mode. Let’s observe logistics; if you’re holding the reception in a small space, it might be worth considering a food option that requires the least amount of guest movement possible. Family style is perfect for relatively casual affairs in small spaces.

If you’re plating up, offer choices like an alternate drop instead of just assuming girls like chicken and guys want beef. Know your crowd – find out if you need to have vegetarian, gluten-free or paleo options available ahead of time.

If you’re going to do a buffet, make a clear plan! Have your MC tell the crowd how to go about the buffet. Cover where they will form a line, which direction they will go and which tables will go when. Make sure the elderly are taken care of, and nobody gets trampled on the way to the food station.

Finally, whichever way you end up going – for the love of all that is good – make sure there is enough food for everyone!