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Summer Weddings

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Planning a wedding usually takes the best part of a year, so if you’re getting married this summer – congratulations, you’re almost over the finish line! While summer isn’t the most popular wedding season, there are countless benefits for hosting your special day while the sun’s out. Now, for those last finishing touches….

If you haven’t pinned down a florist yet, we highly recommend working with Aili Ice Designs in Redwood City. Aili creates the most incredible flower arrangements and bouquets, so call her today on (650) 299-1211 or visit her website

Are you designing your own table decorations for the reception? You can choose the traditional route, displaying flowers, candles, place cards and favors. If you’re feeling creative, you might also want to add ornaments, vintage books, decorative tea cups sourced from thrift stores, Polaroid pictures of the bride and groom, or sentimental items like a favorite candy.

Wedding favors are often thrown in the trash once the party is over. To prevent your gifts from becoming landfill, give favors that people want. Food based gifts will always be a winner, sometimes they’ll even be gone before the night’s out. Small succulents are also popular favors, making attractive decorations for work stations or homes – plus – they’re really easy to care for.

If you’re planning a wedding for next summer, call us today on (650) 961-3300 to chat about how we can best serve you. Apart from the food, we can also provide linen, cutlery, flatware, tables and staff. We can’t wait to talk to you about your wedding – because catering is what we do best! Visit us at

Questions to Ask Your Florist Before Your Wedding Day

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Be wise with your floral purchases, and ask all the questions you need. We can jumpstart your thinking with these few key questions.

Are you available on my wedding day?
First things first.

Do you have a portfolio online?
Check out what the Florist has done, and is currently doing. Do you like their style? Does it suit your theme, or ideas that you are developing about your own wedding day? Looking at the portfolio will give you a fairly good idea about whether or not you want to work together.

What is your price range? Additional costs?
Wow, I bet you didn’t realize that flowers cost so much. Remember, you’re not just paying for the physical flowers – you’re investing in the talents of someone highly skilled in aesthetic design, for an event you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Do you have a contract? What does it entail?
What will you need to sign? Are you OK with the terms, conditions and extra costs?

Are the flowers that I want in season? If not, what is?
You wanted Daffodils in winter? Probably not going to happen. Let’s work together with the florist to choose the most vibrant, healthy blooms for your special day.

If you’re looking for a florist recommendation in the Bay Area, we have you covered. Call us today on (650) 961-3300 and we’ll offer some of our favorite names up to you.

Fresh Rustic Catering Options

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Rustic catering is a way to keep things classy, while getting back to the simple things in life. An increasing number of couples are opting for rustic styling for their weddings, showcasing a timeless handmade aesthetic. A huge advantage to rustic catering is that the food will be fresh, whole, flavorful and nutritious.

Setting the stage for your rustic food is an important step to giving your event a synergistic look. Repurposed wooden crates make a perfect old-timey table, and an interesting way to serve small desserts. Burlap tablecloths, chalk boards and handmade bunting will add another element of old world charm.

For the food itself, there’s no doubt that a rustic theme lends itself to gourmet fare. Crusty bread, grilled whole meat and vegetables – as well as drinks from Mason Jars – will bring your rustic world to life. Forget about incredibly modern food, and keep your food “whole” – meaning as unprocessed as possible.

If you’re looking for an event to be rustically catered, run a simple Google search for more ideas about how to style the event as beautifully as possible. Give Catering Central a call – we specialize in event planning and offer many menu options for rustic-style events.

Weddings: Buffet? Plated? Family Style?

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To plate, or not to plate: that is the question.

We all want a wedding reception meal to be memorable for the right reasons, so there is a lot of weight placed on this decision. Is your wedding a Black Tie event? Very formal occasions are best matched with plated cuisine. Is it super casual? Go for a buffet! These seem to be well-worn rules for events. Done deal, right?

Since rules were made to be broken, let’s think about a few considerations that come into play when going into crazy rule-breaker mode. Let’s observe logistics; if you’re holding the reception in a small space, it might be worth considering a food option that requires the least amount of guest movement possible. Family style is perfect for relatively casual affairs in small spaces.

If you’re plating up, offer choices like an alternate drop instead of just assuming girls like chicken and guys want beef. Know your crowd – find out if you need to have vegetarian, gluten-free or paleo options available ahead of time.

If you’re going to do a buffet, make a clear plan! Have your MC tell the crowd how to go about the buffet. Cover where they will form a line, which direction they will go and which tables will go when. Make sure the elderly are taken care of, and nobody gets trampled on the way to the food station.

Finally, whichever way you end up going – for the love of all that is good – make sure there is enough food for everyone!